Château Labrousse

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8 Route de Labrousse
33 390 - St Martin Lacaussade

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Château Labrousse - A land of pleasures

Amazing estate in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, Château Labrousse is the fruit of the passion of Jacques and Sabirna Chardat. Looking for a property for several years, they fell in love with an outstanding local soil: clay and limestone hills facing south, along the Gironde Estuary on an overlooking spot. The view stretches from Bordeaux, 40 km south to the Médoc peninsula with its Grands Crus.

In the 19th Century, the vineyard was established but there were also some rearing and cereals, which explains the small windmills which used to the wheat flour production. The development of viticulture in the 20th Century eliminated these agricultural activities in favor of the vine and wine. Château Labrousse has benefited from this upturn, and through successive purchases, the previous owners, then Jacques and Sabrina Chardat have always bought the best parcels and built in this way a beautiful property with now more than 50 ha. A vineyard, this is at first, a terroir and in Labrousse, the terroir is there.

The "terroir" of Ch. Labrousse - the Nature s presents.

The situation of Château Labrousse offers three extraordinary advantages to the vineyard:

-a south facing with sun all day and heat,

-the elevation and wind which allow a quick drying of grapes after rains and avoid in this way, the damaging moisture to/for a good maturity,

-the proximity to the Gironde Estuary, the largest in Europe and its microclimate. The mild temperatures and an amazing light which favor ripening berries.


Three large plots around the winery cellars:

In the south about twenty hectares of the finest vineyards of Blaye, in a dominant position over the Estuary, are located in front of the tower of St Julien. A fine clay on the surface, limestone in depth, a perfect exposure and Merlot. Everything is there to make sure that every year we can harvest a grape at perfect maturity to develop a nice vintage full of flesh and roundness.

In the Northwest, a limestone plateau, rich of fossils oysters and sea urchins (the sea was present there a few million years ago), the white wine, particularly Semillon which perfectly expresses itself and an orientation of the rows facing to the sun. We are happy to harvest beautiful golden grapes, healthy and tasty, that we want to bite, but we prefer using them to vinify an elegant, mineral and smooth wine.

And in the Southwest, there is a beautiful limestone hill with old vines of Malbec, Cabernet and Petit Verdot. Extreme ripeness of the grapes is privileged. Late harvest allows to develop a wine which give to the final blending a powerful character and its ability to ageing to Château Labrousse.

The artisans of the vineyard and winery

A dynamic team manages the property whose goal is perfection.

In the vineyard is worked with respect for the environment, by using traditional farming methods and modern equipment. Our daily obsession is to obtain a finely crafted grape, healthy, ripe and filled with aromatic richness. The vinification is carried out by our winemaker, Eric Delacroix. With Jacques and Sabrina Chardat, they make every effort to make Labrousse, White or Red, an undisputed reference in the region.

Château Labrousse in Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux AOC - White or Red, the undisputed benchmark in the region.


Château Labrousse red wine

The color is strong and bright and its bouquet is elegant and delicious Château Labrousse combines fruity and woody in a rich and dense bouquet. Generous and well built, it can be served with a duck breast with mushrooms, rabbit with prunes or roast beef. This is a wine to keep that once it’s opened a little before (no need to decant), is served at 18-19 ° C.

Château Labrousse Rouge 2016:

   Gold medal Les Citadelles du Vins 2017

   Silver medal Concours International des Vins - Lyon 2017


Château Labrousse Rouge 2017:

   Gold medal Concours International des Vins - Lyon 2018

   Silver medal Les Vinalies Internationales 2018


Château Labrousse Rouge 2018:

   Gold medal Concours Mondial Féminalise 2019

   Gold medal Concours de Bordeaux - Vins d'Aquitaine 2019

   Silver medal Les Vinalies Internationales 2019

   Silver medal and 90/100 Decanter WW Awards 2019


Château Labrousse Rouge 2019:

   Gold medal Concours International des Vins - Lyon 2020

   Gold medal Les Citadelles du Vins 2020

   93/100 Decanter World Wine Awards 2020


Château Labrousse Rouge 2020:

   Gold medal Concours de Bordeaux 2021

Château Labrousse white wine

After harvesting manually at big maturity and aging process for 12 months in oak barrels, you can taste a wine with a beautiful golden dress with aromas of citrus, candied fruits and touches of vanilla. The palace is full and round but with the right amount of vivacity, a nice balance. You can keep the wine and let him age but you can also appreciate and serve him today with foie gras, St-Jacques or serve as an aperitif with a piece of cheese from the Pyrenees cow or sheep. Serve at 13-14 ° C

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